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Sporer's Gourmet Service

If you do not wish to cook for yourselves, simply let someone do it for you! Enjoy gourmet cuisine in your own chalet! For 4 people or more, our gourmet chef, Hannes Sandhofer, will pamper you at lunchtime or in the evening according to your personal requirements. The cost of your chosen menu will vary according to the dishes and choice of courses. We will be pleased to provide a quotation on request.

Your chef will take care of the shopping and preparation, and will be at your exclusive disposal for one or more evenings during your stay. Please book Hannes' Gourmet Service as early as possible (ideally when booking your chalet).

We will, of course, take individual preferences and wishes into account. Naturally, you are welcome to take the opportunity of watching over his shoulder and perhaps elicit one or two secrets about his cooking skills ...

You can find more information about "your chef" here.

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Hannes Sandhofer - The chef about himself

"Food preparation has interested me from a very early age. My family had a fruit and vegetable business and I came into contact with exclusive produce very early on. The butcher next door also contributed to this, because I spent many hours in the butcher's shop, watching meat preparation with great interest. I decided to go to the Zillertal School of Tourism to learn cookery skills.

My dedication was reward early on and I was able to participate successfully in numerous national and international cookery competitions. Over time, I have gathered international experience, for example with Johann Lafer and Formel 1. Cooking will always be part of my life and I am always on the lookout for new things. My cooking assignments are often anything other than "routine"; for example it can happen that I have produce flown in from a high Alpine meadow for a hotel, to then use it for a cookery course.

Cooking is generally a wonderful activity that one never finishes learning and where you can continually develop." .... H. Sandhofer