Time with our loved ones


In today's fast-moving world there is an even greater longing for what is genuine, natural, for the essential things in life; health, relationships, family and you yourself.

The truly important thing in life is however the time("out") we have available, sharing it with our loved ones and people close to our hearts.

Experiencing places with a feeling of seclusion and tranquillity.

The Alpine chalets at Sporer Alm – there is no better place to recharge your batteries. Our chalets are a dream destination for romantics, nature lovers and all those with a longing for tradition and (pure) authenticity.

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Our dream...

of a place in the mountains. Far above everyday life, away from the stress and hectic pace of life, a tiny mountain village of chalets built entirely of wood and stone, nestling in a picturesque Alpine landscape.

The views extend over the valley and fields, up to the imposing mountain summits. The peace and quiet, fresh air and babbling of the little mountain stream make this a very place special.

Returning home from a wonderful day's skiing or an extended mountain tour, step in and feel the warmth and seclusion, experience the unforgettable atmosphere offered by our chalets. And the best thing: Your own chalet, own cloakroom, own storage room for ski equipment, own front room, own sauna, own wine fridge; somewhere to stay without any commitments or schedules – simply enjoying life.